WY Cutt Slam

The Qualifying Cutties:

  • Yellowstone Cutthroat

    O. clarki bouveiri

  • Snake River (Finespotted) Cutthroat

    O. clarki behnke

  • Colorado River Cutthroat

    O. clarki pleuriticus

  • Bear River Cutthroat

    O. clarki utah subs.

  • Who hasn’t dreamed of the perfect loop cast in Yellowstone: the meadows, the grizzlies, the bison, & the world famous cutthroat. The state of Wyoming is considered by many to be fly-fishing's holy land. With that being the case, to qualify yourself as a true


  • The Application

    Once you've caught your qualifying fish, fill this out and submit it to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

  • Qualifying Waters

    This provides you with the list of qualifying waters for the Wyoming Cuttslam.