Utah Cutthroat Slam

The Qualifying Cutties:

  • Yellowstone Cutthroat

    O. clarki bouveiri

  • Bonneville Cutthroat

    O. clarki utah

  • Colorado River Cutthroat

    O. clarki pleuriticus

  • Bear River Cutthroat

    O. clarki utah subs.

  • Utah has some of the most fascinating landscapes, environments, and ecosystems in which you can find thriving populations of relic native trout. In addition the Dept. of Wildlife Resources has done a phenomenal job of re-introducing pure strains of trout back to their heritage waters through diligent and strategic practices.

    The four cutthroat found within the state borders are some of the most dynamic salmonids anywhere and have adapted to live in conditions that traditional fishermen would deem non-sustainable. From tiny rivulets deeper than they are wide to fast flowing creeks that suddenly disappear into the desert trout have found a way to adapt, survive, and even thrive. In a state better known for its geologic architecture, the native cutthroat trout must not be overlooked.


  • The Application

    There is no application for the Utah Cutthroat Slam. Instead you register for the slam through the Utah Dept. of Wildlife Resource's online permitting section. Select "Cutthroat Slam Registration" from the dropdown menu once you have registered to be a customer at the bottom right of their page.

  • Qualifying Waters

    Check out the interactive cutthroat map...