NV Native Fish-Slam

The Qualifying Fish:

  • Lahontan Cutthroat

    O. clarki henshawi

  • Yellowstone Cutthroat

    O. clarki bouveiri

  • Bonneville Cutthroat

    O. clarki utah

  • Inland Redband Trout

    O. mykiss newberri

  • Bull Trout

    Salvelinus confluentus

  • Mountain Whitefish

    Prosopium williamsoni

  • Home to the largest cutthroat genetics anywhere in the world Nevada's waters hold a myriad of highly sought after trout and the mountain whitefish. Pyramid lake will forever be the place of living monsters. A double-digit inch trout is often a dream for native species. However for Nevada's famous lake, a double digit pound trout is a whole different ballgame. In addition to lunkers you'll find redbands, two other cutthroats, and the whitefish.

    What many don't know about the silver state is that some of its streams hold the beautiful derivative of lahontans - the humboldt cutthroat. Though this amazing fish it is not official recognized as separate from it's bigger cousin Lahontan in Nevada; it's still worth your time an effort.


  • The Application

    Once you've caught your qualifying fish, fill this out and submit it to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

  • Qualifying Waters

    This provides you with the list of qualifying waters for the Nevada Native Fish-Slam.