AZ Wild Trout Challenge

The Qualifying Trout:

  • Apache Trout

    O. gilae apache

  • Gila Trout

    O. gilae gilae

  • Rainbow Trout*

    O. mykiss hybrid

  • Brown Trout*

    Salmo trutta

  • Brook Trout*

    Salvelinus fontinalis

  • Arizona has done a great job sustaining its populations of native and introduced trout. To encourage anglers and adventures to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the state that hold the remote populations of trout, they created the Wild Trout Challenge.


  • The Application

    Once you've caught your qualifying fish, fill this out and submit it to the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

  • Qualifying Waters

    This provides you with the list of qualifying waters for the AZ trout challenge.