Trout Challenges

  • Arizona Trout Challenge

    2 Native Trout
    3 Introduced Trout
    100% Self-Sustaining
  • California's HTC

    Mighty coastal forests' rivers to inland lakes, tiny alpine streams to swampy ponds...together they hold 11 species including goldens, cutties, redbands, and steelhead. No other state has such a biodiversity in its native salmonids. Though the densities don't hold candle to the runs of the Pacific Northwest, California's far-reaching water ways provided ancient trout with their niches. Over tens of thousands of years incredible genetic expressions took root and the array of colors and patterns make it a necessary destination.
  • Nevada Native Fish-Slam

    From the desert to the mountains, NV is loaded with incredible salmonids. Catch the 3 cutties, a redband, a char & the mountain whitefish. Please be aware that you MUST submit your application within 60 DAYS of catching each fish. Translation: you may need to submit six different applications if you take your time on your quest.
  • Utah Cutthroat Slam

    Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, & Arches are much more popular. Park City and Sundance are much bigger attractions. However, the four cutthroat that call Utah home are stunning specimens and deserve our attention. They are beautiful to behold and finding them requires a trek across one of the most beautiful states in America.
  • Wyoming Cuttslam

    Perhaps no other state is as steeped in history nor held in such high regard when it comes to fly fishing. Besides the rainbow/steelhead trout perhaps no other trout is as famous as the Yellowstone Cutthroat. But, did you know that Wyoming is home to three other species of cutthroat?