Native & Wild Trout Challenges


Arizona’s Wild Trout Challenge 2 Native Trout 3 Introduced Trout 100% Self-Sustaining


California’s Heritage Trout Challenge Mighty rainforest rivers to inland lakes. Tiny alpine streams to swampy ponds. Together they hold 11 species including goldens, cutties, redbands, and steelhead.


Nevada’s Native Fish Slam Program From the desert to the mountains, NV is loaded with incredible salmonids. Catch the 3 cutties, a redband, a char & the mountain whitefish…


Utah’s Cuttslam Cross the entire state, it’s mountains, valleys, lakes, and canyons to find the four native cutthroat that call this state home. Delight in it’s beauty and diversity!


Wyoming’s Cuttslam Who hasn’t dreamed of the perfect loop cast in Yellowstone: the meadows, the grizzlies, the bison, & the world famous cutthroat. Do you know about the Snake River Finespotted, Colorado River, & Bear River cutthroats?