I’ve been fishing since I can remember. It started with 3.5′ pole on Bishop Creek and since then has developed quite a bit. I was always more interested in creek, stream, and river than lakes. The whole powerbait thing was never really my thing. Call me a type-A personality who tires of watching a strike indicator. It’s not that I lack patience, it’s that I cannot stand now knowing if my offering is positioned well. That why when my family and friends were relaxing with lawn chairs and playing cards while occasionally checking their lines, I could be found exploring the inlets and outlets of whatever water we were on. I didn’t always catch fish but I learned a lot more about trout behavior. Now, I’m addicted to seeking out native and heritage trout in their historic drainages. I’ll gladly pass by water that is loaded with stocked or planted lunkers to find small water with small fish that have adapted to the unique environments and ecosystems over tens of thousands of years. Over the years I have enjoyed exploring watersheds that I never knew existed. I am amazed by the community that shares the love and passion I have for native trout and fly fishing. It has been a joy to journey with many of you as together we learn more about biological developments, ecological sustainability, and wildlife conservation. IMG_1629 Most of all, I cannot fully express how madly in love with my amazing wife I am. All the more is that she also loves exploring the wild with me. She loves fly fishing and she is a much MUCH better photographer than I am. That I get to share these stories with her makes them all the more valuable and cherished. If you have any questions about my experiences, quests, and adventures please don’t hesitate to reach out. But, fair warning, I won’t reveal specific details about where I have and will fish. This is less to do about spot burning and more to do about the spirit of adventuring. If I give you my GPS locations it would rob you of the thrill of the unknown and the countless hours of research which leads to many more hours of daydreaming and imagining yourself on the one stretch of water you’ve thought about over and over again. Tight lines and best of adventures!

Jim @nativetroutaddict nativetroutaddict@gmail.com


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